Say What You Will - Cammie McGovern

This book is captivating and honest from the very start. This book opened my mind to how OCD and having cerebral palsy truly feels like. It's tough but seeing how the characters try hard to go beyond their sickness is inspiring. It's both excruciating and fun to watch Amy and Matthew not admit to each other, at first, how they feel about each other. The ways they show how they like each other is gratifying! They're both willing to go beyond what they're going through and beyond themselves because they're starting to like each other. They're both different and the same.


"That's the whole point. If you want to get better, you don't make the easy choice; you make the hard one."


I admire Amy's strength and determination. She genuinely wants to help Matthew get better. She helped Matthew realize that he really has a problem and needs help. Acceptance is hard for someone who tried hard to keep everything a secret. Progress was slow for Matthew but Amy helped him. There may have been rough roads in their relationship, it's really inspiring to see two different (and the same), people struggle in such a cruel world but struggle together.


"If you care what they think, they have all the power."


The struggle of having to prove to a person that you could do good on your own is really high and hair-grabbingly hard and exhausting. It sucks to live a life that has been set up and planned out by anyone but you. And that is one of the issues that have been tackled in this book. I absolutely love this book and would give it more than 5 stars if I could.