Far from You - Lisa Schroeder
“Pain in your heart.
You’re playing the part
of a human in need.
You beg and you plead
Wash it away.
Wash it away.
Give me the peace,
the peace I need.”

Far From You is a story about love, friendship and family. Alice Andreeson is broken by her mother's death. Her heart is still recuperating and with this process comes the continuous struggle she has when it comes to her relationships. Alice, named after the classic story of Alice in Wonderland, just can't seem to let people in completely in her life. Sure, there is her boyfriend and her best friend whom she care for so much, but even her relationship with her best friend bumps into an obstacle which puts their friendship to a test. There is a new member of the Andreeson family and Alice just can't seem to give a damn and tries as much as she could to stay out of her family's way. It took her one traumatizing incident just to have a change of heart. Just one incident to make her see that she cares more than she thinks. Just one incident to make her realize what she was taking for granted.

What I like about this book is how it tells the story beautifully in poetry form. It was a fast-read for me because the story is gripping, making me want to read page after page after page. Another thing I like about this book is how it portrayed character development. It's gradual yet fulfilling to be able to see the character, Alice, come out of her shell and finally be on the road to happiness.

“I don’t think it matters how hearts are mended, Al.
Just that they are, you know?”