The Selection  - Kiera Cass
First off, I've been meaning to read this book and have been putting off for so long. So when I actually got a hold of it, I expected a lot. Well, to be honest some of my expectations weren't met. I like this book but it's not really memorable for me. It's not like the other books I've read and loved that got me thinking for hours or days.

I like Prince Maxon but feels indifferent towards America. But I think it's because America's character just seemed to be so likable no matter what. Idk. Haha

Well, even if I gave this book just 3 stars, it doesn't mean I won't read the next 2 books. Of course I want to know how it will end! Plus, there's still hope for me that the sequels will be good, if not, better! I would still recommend this to anyone who wants a quick read and a quick jolt-in-the-heart romance.