Crescendo - Becca Fitzpatrick
Well. This is the second book of the Hush Hush saga. And at first, I really found it dragging since Patch and Nora are having trouble in their relationship and it just got me a bit frustrated (since I've missed Patch and Nora fluffs, you know). As the story goes on though, there goes the page-tearing action that just got me going through the book! There goes Nora's mom and Hank Millar's affair which will soon be revealed by Marcie which makes matters worse for Nora. Nora's life sucked on this one. She thought she lost Patch to Marcie. She felt so alone. Her mom is having an affair with her enemy's father. What could make matters worse? Knowing that you're dad isn't your real dad after all. Sucks! Oh well. The ending is such a cliffhanger!! But a big thumbs up on this one!